Ultra Safe Sound-100 pair tub (biege)


Mack’s® Ultra SafeSound® Earplugs (biege) Mack’s® Ultra SafeSound® Earplugs are molded with state-of-the-art super low-pressure, skinned and tapered foam. These special features provide unmatched comfort and improved hygiene. With a high noise reduction rating (NRR) of 32 decibels, this high performance hearing protection can be used in environments where noise is just a nuisance up to environments with hazardous noise levels. For loud concerts, motor sports, sleep, shooting sports, power tools, etc. Available at Rite Aid and Target. (100 pair) Mack's® Ultra Safe Sound™ Soft Foam Earplugs -100 Pair
Product Details-Safe, comfortable, doctor recommended hearing protection.  A solution to noise pollution.

• A snore blocker
• Noise reduction rating – 32 decibels (when used as directed)
• Sleep, study, work, travel, sports, shooting, power tools, loud events, etc.
• Molded with state-of-the-art, super low-pressure foam
• Fully skinned and tapered, providing unmatched user comfort and hygiene

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