ER Filters for Custom-fit Musician's Earplugs Clear (each)


Popular with musicians, these interchangeable filters plug into Cutsom Musician's Earplugs and allow the listener to hear music at a safe level without sacrificing sound quality. Instead of cutting out the high frequencies like foam plugs, these 9, 15 and 25db filters attenuate all the frequencies evenly in relation to your hearing. Unsure how much attenuation you need? Consider this: Decibels (dBs) are logorythmic. For every 3db of attenuation the sound will decrease by a factor of two. So a 3db filter would make music half as loud as no filter at all. 9dB filters- great for vocalists or people who need to hear more of the ambient sounds in the room. 15dB filters- great for instrumentalists who need to be able to hear the other musicians well. 25dB filters- great for drummers and people who need lots of protection. Price $45.00 each.
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