Custom-fit Musician's Earplugs/ Music Concert Earplugs- HEAR Gift Certificate


Popular with musicians, a special filter allows the listener to hear music at a safe level without sacrificing sound quality. Instead of cutting out the high frequencies, musician's plugs attenuate all the frequencies evenly in relation to your hearing. An audiologist or other hearing health professional takes impressions of the ear canal. The impression goes to an earmold lab for manufacturing. Custom earplugs are comfortable, easy to insert correctly, and filter sound better than disposable plugs. Custom plugs come in ER-9 , ER-15 or ER-25 filters. Ask about our custom colors! In San Francisco call the H.E.A.R. Office (415) 409-EARS or (415) 409-3277. If outside of the Bay Area, check out the H.E.A.R. Partner page for an audiologist near you. Prices may vary amongst H.E.A.R. Partners.
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